2017 e-bites

Every month, we publish our newsletter where we tackle FAQs, update the IDDSI community on global implementation, new translations, webinars and sponsorships.

  • December 2017: Testing Methods, Special Celebrations and #IDDSIChallenge
  • November 2017: IDDSI UK, World Dysphagia Summit and more
  • October 2017: Flow Test, Translations and more
  • July 2017: Implementing IDDSI, IDDSI Translations
  • June 2017: Implementing IDDSI, Kempen Pilot Project
  • May 2017: Creating Awareness; New Sponsors
  • March 2017: IDDSI Flow Test Tips & Advice; First Translations
  • January 2017: Happy New Year; Translating IDDSI Framework; New Sponsors