• January 2021: New IDDSI Website, NCM update, International Reference Groups, Webinars, New Sponsors, Translations.
  • February 2021: IDDSI Abbreviations, Austria, Germany, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and USA Reference Group updates, New Webinars, Translations.
  • March 2021: Hall of Appreciation, Meet the USTIRG Committees, Norway and Hong Kong Call for Volunteers, Upcoming Webinars, Global Updates, Translations.
  • April 2021: Upcoming Webinars, Global Updates, New Sponsor, IDDSI Office Changes
  • May 2021: National Dysphagia Awareness Month, Global Updates, IDDSI Webinars
  • June 2021:  Massey University's IDDSI Workshop, Global Updates, Webinars & Rebroadcasts
  • July 2021: Hall of Appreciation, Global Updates, New Sponsors
  • August 2021: A Special "Porrject", Webinar on International Implementation, Global Updates
  • September 2021: IDDSI Board Update, New Gold Sponsor, Global Updates