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IDDSI would like to acknowledge the help of our sponsors.  Contact us for more information on how to become a sponsor or to inquire about sponsorship.


Platinum Sponsors

apetito/Wiltshire Farm Foods

apetito and Wiltshire Farm Foods offer a world-leading range of texture modified frozen ready prepared meals that bring dignity to dining for those living with dysphagia.
Covering IDDSI levels 3-7 we offer main meals, desserts, cakes, breakfasts, snacks, toasties and more. Created by our talented Chefs and Dietitians our meals not only taste delicious but they look fantastic too. Safely meeting the needs of those with dysphagia has never been easier or tastier thanks to our award-winning range.
Available for hospitals and care homes via apetito and for home delivery through sister company Wiltshire Farm Foods. Contact us today to try our award-winning range for yourself. 

Hormel Health Labs

Hormel Health Labs is a leading manufacturer of thickener, beverages and foods designed for the dietary management of dysphagia.  Thick & Easy® products are easy to use and safe for those with swallowing difficulties.   Thick & Easy® is a leading brand in dysphagia products with a mission of improving the lives of those with dysphagia.

Nestlé Health Science

Nestlé Health Science is a global company focused on advancing the role of nutrition therapy to change the course of health management for consumers, patients and partners in healthcare. 

Precise + SimplyThick

The Precise brand is owned by Trisco Foods, an Australian family owned business who have been manufacturing food/beverage products in Queensland since 1875.

SimplyThick, LLC is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies serving people with swallowing disorders. SimplyThick® was introduced in 2001 to help increase patient acceptance and consumption of thickened beverages by allowing liquids to look, feel and taste exactly like they should.

Gold Sponsors

Berthelet Food Products

Berthelet Food Products is a family owned company involved in the healthcare market since 1998. Berthelet is known as a key ally in the Canadian food industry.


Bigtincan is helping the world’s leading brands facilitate the buying experience of the future. Everything we offer is designed to be smart, flexible, and easily adapted to unique business processes with highly personalized experiences that people and brands love. We’re on a mission to help companies deliver branded buying experiences that are engaging, personalized, provide value and guide people to the best decisions with confidence

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a global healthcare company striving each day to advance healthcare and improve lives around the world. Over the last 40 years, the Kangaroo™ Enteral Feeding Pump and product portfolio has helped support the delivery of enteral therapy to patients throughout the continuum of care on every continent. We continue to invest in research and development initiatives, and to explore opportunities to enhance our product portfolio to further advance patient and caregiver needs for enteral therapy.


IO SANO is a leading company that created in 2001 RISTOSANO, an innovative solution for the nutrition and hydration of dysphagic patients in nursing homes and hospitals, by the means of automated machines and dehydrated preparations produced with natural ingredients and according to traditional recipes, mostly derived from italian and mediterranean way of cooking in collaboration with chefs and haute cuisine schools.
This solution guarantees rheometric safety, certain nutritional intake, variety and quality in the menus.
IO SANO has created a special line of production for feeding dysphagic people in the community.

It's Made For You

Everyone should look forward to tasty, easy mealtimes. So enjoy delicious, nutritious and safe frozen textured modified Level 4, 5 and 6 meals, delivered straight to your door by It’s Made For You. All of our meals are designed for the IDDSI required texture, ensuring stress-free mealtimes.

Medtrition Inc.

As leading innovators in the healthcare industry since 1988, Medtrition Inc. has developed a family of effective, clinically proven medical foods that repair and nourish the body to enhance quality of care, speed recovery, reduce costs and lessen reliance on pharmacological interventions.


Building on 125 years of research, innovation and care, Nutricia pioneers medical nutrition that helps enable life-changing and life-saving health outcomes, so people can live life to its fullest. Nutricia supports healthy growth and development in early life, and helps address some of the world’s biggest health challenges from birth through old age, including dedicated solutions for dysphagia. 

Oak House Kitchen

Oak House Kitchen have innovated a simplified, systematic approach to dysphagia foodservice delivery. Our detailed online and face-to-face courses cover the management and catering requirements for dysphagia diets. Contact us to see how our Dysphagia Foodservice Safety Management System can give your business assurance and your patients the quality and safety they need.


Thick-It is a registered trademark of Kent Precision Foods Group with the goal of continually researching, innovating and educating on dysphagia nutrition products. Thick-It offers xanthan- and starch-based food and beverage thickeners as well as ready-to-drink, pre-thickened beverages available in water, juice, coffee and tea varieties.

Silver Sponsors

Bracco Diagnostics

For almost 100 years, Bracco has been unlocking the invisible and shaping the future of precision imaging. Bracco is the maker of VARIBAR® (barium sulfate), the only contrast validated for standardized, well-tested protocols during Modified Barium Swallow Studies. VARIBAR® products were developed in collaboration with SLPs to help standardize diagnostic materials for accurate comparisons between studies. They are FDA Approved and the ONLY premixed, premeasured, and precise barium products for the MBSS. Bracco is also happy to announce that VARIBAR® is now available in Canada! For more information visit https://varibarmbs.com/


Burlodge is an international company who manufactures meal delivery equipment for healthcare, corrections, and schools. Its equipment ensures food is delivered safely, on time, and at the correct temperatures.

Campbell’s Foodservice

Campbell’s Foodservice is a healthcare market leader in providing a full range of creative menu solutions for acute care hospitals, long term care and retirement homes. In addition to the full portfolio of soup, entrees, and healthy beverages, we are leaders in providing innovative texture modified products and concepts to support dysphagia management.


CMI is a niche Canadian healthcare marketing and import company representing products for wound healing, bowel management and Dysphagia. CMI stands by its mission of “Complementing and Completing our Customer’s Needs” with the products we represent.

Complete Purchasing Services

As a Complete Purchasing Services member, you’ll experience benefits that extend beyond products & services – you have a partner who cares about the people you serve.

Food Care Co., Ltd.

Established in 1997, Food Care Co., Ltd. has fostered business with its corporate philosophy “Creating happiness through food for nursing care and medical institutions “. Their main business is the development and sales of food products that assist with the swallowing of those with dysphagia.

General Mills

At General Mills, we serve the world by making food that people love. We understand that serving patients with dysphagia requires special attention to ensure they are getting foods that will be both appealing and meet these

Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is a broadline distributor in Canada and the United States offering products and services for healthcare foodservice, environmental services, and laundry operations.


Lassonde Hydra+ is a leader in delivering high-quality health and nutrition products, with superior taste, recognized and recommended to improve health and wellness across North America.

Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf is committed to supporting the healthcare & senior living market during these challenging times. Our goal has always been to help you create an outstanding meal experience for the seniors that you serve. To assist you, we offer a wide range of affordable, senior-friendly products that are easy to prepare and can be used in multiple applications. Visit our website at: www.mapleleafhh.com

Natural Nutraliment

Natural Nutraliment fruit and vegetable creams provide a safe, tasty and nutritious solution for those with swallowing difficulties. We are passionate about improving people’s lives through better food and nutrition. Made from fresh fruits and vegetables from our own orchards, an appropriate texture, and an exceptional flavor crafted by chefs and nutritionists.


For 25 years now, Nutrisens has been the French nutritional support reference in regards to swallowing disorders. We work with passion to develop every day innovative solutions that support specialists’ work and improve people’s day-to-day lives


ParapharmaTech, the makers of Gelmix and Purathick USDA organic thickening powders, is dedicated to the development of organic, natural nutritional products for children and adults.


Thanks to its 412,000 employees, Sodexo provides catering, facilities management, employee benefits and personal home services to 100 million consumers daily in 56 countries. With the "Harmonie" innovation, say goodbye to mixed food! For seniors and people with disabilities and dysphagia, mealtimes will become enjoyable again!

SPC ProVital

SPC ProVital® is committed to delivering accessible, delicious and nutritious food solutions for the healthcare channel.Our easy-open portion controlled fruit cups ensure consumers can continue to obtain nutrition and enjoyment from the delicious tastes of fruits.


Sysco is dedicated to delivering great products to our customers with exceptional service. Our innovative food products and software solutions meet the needs of the Canadian Healthcare & Hospitality marketplace.

Wholesome Blends

Wholesome Blends is Australasia's leading shelf stable real food option for enteral feeding. Designed for tube fed children and adults, Wholesome Blends is a nutritious high calorie option containing only real food, no additives or preservatives. 

Designed by a tube-fed family for your tube-fed family, Wholesome Blends is an extension of your home cooking. Honest, real and nutritious food. 


Bronze Sponsors

  • Basic American Foods
  • BD
  • IOPI Medical
  • Lyons Magnus
  • Premier Meats
  • Rubicon Puree
  • Shalit Foods
  • Simplot Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Sunny Sky Products

Past Sponsors

  • Silver Sponsor: NUTRI
  • Bronze Sponsors: CuraProducts GmbH, Dr Oetker, Flavour Creations, Leahy IFP, Maple Leaf Foodservice, Pulmuone Co. Ltd