IDDSI ønsker å etablere en norsk referansegruppe, og søker frivillige og fagpersoner inkludert helsepersonell, logopeder, representanter fra matindustrien, institusjonskokker og personer med spise- og svelgevansker eller pårørende til å være del av gruppen. Tidligere beskjeftigelse med IDDSIs retningslinjer er ikke et krav. For mer informasjon, kontakt Norge.

IDDSI wishes to establish a norwegian reference group, and seeks volunteers and professionals including health personnel, speech and language therapists, food industry representatives, care institution chefs, and persons with eating and swallowing disorders or caregivers to be part of the group. Previous involvement with IDDSI guidelines are not a prerequisite. For more information, contact Norway.
Current Implementation Status

IDDSI was translated into Norwegian in 2017, and is gradually being implemented on a per hospital basis in the regional health services. Implementation has not currently started in the municipal health services. The Directorate of Health’s guidelines on texture modification are currently based on a rough translation from 2015. Attempts are being made to have these updated in line with current documents.

Reference Group

An IDDSI reference group is currently being assembled.

Primary Contacts Martin Brierley
Contact Email Norway or contact at 
Resources Coming Soon
  This information was last updated on December 2022.