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Introduction & Resource Files The official launch of IDDSI in the United States of America began May 2019. The United States IDDSI Reference Group (USIRG) would like to help guide your facility or organization through IDDSI implementation. This webpage is a living document. The USIRG continues to update resources to serve your needs as an active participant in IDDSI implementation. Thank you to those respondents of our 2021 Survey; we had well over 1,000 participants. 

Are you ready to advance through the IDDSI stages of implementation:  Aware, Prepare, and Adopt? 

The USIRG is here to help you walk through the following stages: 
  1. News You Can Use Now: Newsletters & social media links
  2. Advocacy Tool Kit: Getting buy-in at your facility for IDDSI
  3. Getting Started: The Implementation Process
  4. Preparing for Regulatory Surveys
  5. Tutorials and Trainings: Powerpoints & videos
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Contact Us: Reach out to the leaders of USTIRG
The USIRG contents linked here are primarily for healthcare professionals and related departments. Individuals with dysphagia or their caregivers should not use this information as a substitute for consultation with their appropriate healthcare professionals. Consult directly with your physician before beginning any dysphagia treatment, therapeutic technique, or diet modification.
1. News You Can Use Now
2. Advocacy Toolkit: Getting IDDSI Buy-in The Advocacy Toolkit provides resources to achieve “buy-in” of IDDSI from administrators and other healthcare workers. IDDSI’s mission is to improve safety across the lifespan and the continuum of care; therefore, please see references and resources on safety and choking. 
3. Getting Started: The Implementation Process Getting Started provides resources for assistance with beginning IDDSI implementation. 
4. Preparing for Regulatory Survey
5. Tutorials & Trainings All powerpoints and videos are free to be used and customized by individuals and facilities for training purposes.

PowerPoints: Training Webinars (Staff and Caregivers can watch these videos of Powerpoints)
  1. IDDSI 101 for Administrative Leadership
  2. IDDSI 101 for Food Service Workers and Caregivers
  3. IDDSI 101 for Healthcare Professionals
  4. IDDSI 201 for Healthcare Professionals 
  5. IDDSI 201 for Food Service Workers 
For a more informal discussion of IDDSI implementation and busting IDDSI myths, please see this Instagram Live:
6. Frequently Asked Questions Questions have come from healthcare providers around the United States, and some of the points within these answers are specific to the United States and related to the foods and drinks that are typically prepared and served in healthcare institutions.

The United States is made up of people from around the world; therefore, the IDDSI testing methods are recommended to confirm the flow or textural characteristics of any food or liquid product from around the world. Testing is done at the time of preparation and at the time of serving under the specific serving conditions (e.g., at the appropriate temperature).

Check back here often for new FAQs from the USIRG. 
  1. Exceptions: Bread and Mixed Consistencies (pdf, 2022)
  2. Sauces, Gravies, and Condiments (pdf, 2022)
  3. Gelatin/Jell-O from the United States (pdf, 2022)
7. Contact Us General Contact Email: 

The United States IDDSI Reference Group (USIRG) was formed in November 2020.  Over 245 applications were received and many volunteers have committed to help guide, foster, advocate, facilitate and support implementation of IDDSI in the United States of America.   The USIRG work teams are:


Work Teams Leadership Contact Info
Communications & Advocacy

Laura Brooks

Katrina Woodward

Amanda Demane

Email or contact


Education & Training Carolyn Wade
Rene Ruzicka

Email or contact


Resources & Best Practice Margaret Roche
Mary Casper
Mary Rybicki
Karen Sheffler

Email for Resource Development or contact 


Email for Best Practice Questions or contact 


Research & Data Collection Andrea Charvet
Deidre Larsen

Email or contact 



Interested in volunteering and being on a USIRG work group? 
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